Community Heroes' Inclusion Program


The Community Heroes' Inclusion Program by RudHil Companies aims to offer affordable homeownership opportunities for local heroes such as police officers, firefighters, educators, healthcare professionals, and military service members. Through strategic partnerships and unique incentives, the program helps bridge the financial gap, enabling these heroes to thrive in their communities.


The core mission of CHIP is to provide unprecedented incentives tailored to support Police Officers, Firefighters, Educators, Healthcare Professionals, and Military Service Members. Hilda Abbott, the visionary behind CHIP, expresses a relentless commitment to closing the financial divide and empowering heroes to remain rooted in their communities.

The Four Foundational Pillars of Homeownership for Community Heroes.

Affordable Financing

Accessible, affordable homeownership for public servants with exclusive financing programs and preferential rates tailored to your needs.

Specialized Guidance

Personalized support from real estate and financing experts for heroes, ensuring informed decisions in home selection and loan processing.

Exclusive Discounts

Recognizing public servants' sacrifice, we offer exclusive property purchase discounts through CHIP initiative, making homeownership dreams more achievable

Community Events

Strengthening community bonds with special events, we provide spaces for public servants to connect and build relationships, prioritizing their well-being.

Join Rudhil’s CHIP Initiative, support public servants, and together, make the dream of homeownership a reality with pride.


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Hilda Abbot

Hilda Abbott

Founder and CEO of Rudhil

CHIP - Carissa

Carissa Hughes

Director of Community Outreach