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FYRE lab's mission

Future Youth Real Estate Lab’s mission is to build the Hispanic community by financial education to contribute to generational wealth through the real estate market.

What's our plan for this one

Financial Statements

First we must understand our personal financial statements in order to learn money.


Now that I am financially educated and financially prepared, how do I begin investing?


Credit is your financial report card. It is what defines how reliable you are to banks.


Our assets are supported through our income. How can I increase my income to increase my asset column?

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Meet our Team

Jady Mejia


Ayesha Herrera


Alex Figueroa


Isaac Cordon


Alberto Prestado



Jady Mejia

Chairwoman - Georgia State University Junior

My goal with the FYRE lab is to be able to reach as many kids possible with financials resources in order to build our community.

Ayesha Herrera

Discovery Senior - GGC dual enrollment student City Hall Intern

My goal is to elevate the hispanic community by educating young adults financially.

Alex Figueroa

Working in the Real Estate industry - Worked in commercial roofing for 3 years

My goal with the FYRE lab is to bring knowledge and confidence to the young Latino community.

Isaac Cordon

Kennesaw State University Senior (Electrical Engineering) - Licensed Realtor Background in construction.

My goal with the FYRE lab is to learn while also having fun!

Alberto Prestado

Licensed Realtor, Inside Sales Agent, Construction Background, Attended GTC.

My goal is to elevate our hispanic community’s knowledge in Real Estate through our youth by providing them the necessary education.


Director of Accounting

With over 10 years of experience in Accounting and Finance, Sarah Guerra focuses on perfection. “Even though it is something we can never achieve, we will always find room for improvement,” says Sarah. A licensed Realtor, Sarah knows all the ins and outs of every aspect of accounting for even the most complex real estate transactions. An avid animal advocate, Sarah is known for her huge heart!